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“The International King of Line-Dance Music.”

22 Year Veteran


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  Big Mucci is known around the world as

“The International King of Line-Dance Music.” 


  When you hear the word "Line-Dancing" you think of Country-Western Style Dancing, but it is much more to it than that! From Soul, R&B, Rap/Hip-Hop, Pop and Dance music there is a style of Line-Dancing that comes along with it and one of Cleveland Ohio's native producer, writer and choreographer Big Mucci is at the top of the Line-Dance Movement, with over 25 Line-Dance's under his belt, Big Mucci is in a lane of his own.

 Mark Wynn better known under his stage name Big Mucci is an American choreographer, producer, song writer and line dance entertainer. Born in birth place of Rock & Roll (Cleveland, Ohio) Big Mucci served his country as a United States Marine. After returning home from serving his country, Big Mucci formed his line dance rap group 71 North Boyz. Big Mucci released a critically acclaimed album Watch us Roll in 2000 but disbanded in 2004. Big Mucci has since embarked on a successful solo career, selling more than 800 thousand discs over his career. Big Mucci is praised for the quality of his choreography, flow and beats that is considered as beginners and intermediate line dances (meaning easy for everyone can do).                                                                                  

  Big Mucci turned the urban line dance music community on its ears in 1997 with his debut release “Let me see Dat Boodie Bounce” and his follow-up line dance in 1998 “ The Cleveland  Shuffle” which landed him numerous awards from PRODUCER OF THE  YEAR, LINE-DANCE OF THE YEAR, ARTIST OF THE YEAR AND BEST RAP/HIP-HOP ACT OF THE YEAR.  Big Mucci's ‘Line Dance’ phenomenon has allowed him to be able to travel across the USA and the world putting boots, sneakers, dress shoes and high heels on the dance floor. He developed and perfected the formula of writing & recording  perfectly phrased songs accompanied with  his choreography that was not only ‘dancer friendly’ but ‘radio friendly’ as well. There isn’t a dance floor in the world that has not felt or heard the sounds of that formula with Cleveland  Shuffle, The Bounce, Bikers Shuffle, The Birthday Slide, Breast Cancer Awareness Shuffle, Line Steppers Slide to name a few.

 Big Mucci will get your hands clappin and feet stompin, guaranteed!!! With performing over 100 shows a year he clearly holds up to his reputation as one of the hardest working line dance touring artist in the U.S, sliding himself into the hearts of fans all over the nation! Big Mucci's latest release “Shuffle Step Slide: The Linedance Movement” looks to be a breakout album for this seasoned veteran. The 10 track EP includes the smash hit single “Biker's Shuffle” which has over 20 million combined Youtube views, as well as new line dance hits, and a step by step instructional DVD to teach his fans how to do each dance. There's also a bonus track, the “Line Steppers Slide” remix featuring fellow platinum R&B artist “Cupid” (Cupid Shuffle ). 

Big Mucci enjoys twisting the throttle back at various venues from music festivals, weddings to line dancing events and schools to concerts. What makes Big Mucci unique from other artists is that he instructs his line dances at all his shows, so whether you are a beginner or an advanced dancer, be prepared to get up and move!


Today it is nearly impossible to go to any club, wedding reception, fitness center, cook outs or even taking your family on a cruise without hearing and seeing people dancing to  Big Mucci’s family fun Line Dances. Besides performing continuously and being called upon by many music greats for collaboration on new music, Big Mucci has shared the stage alongside some of hip-hop, r&b, pop and blues most respected and revered legends further more lets you know Big Mucci’s time is here. With over 25 Line-Dances under his belt and more to come Big Mucci is in a lane all by himself with no competition bringing a new level of fun, fitness, enthusiasm, energy, and artistry to the entire world.










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